Scientists Edit DNA To Possibly Cure Man’s Cancer, HIV

Chinese scientists are trying to use gene-edited stem cells to treat an unidentified man’s leukemia and HIV.

The medical experiment was first published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Carl June, a pioneer in the use of gene therapy to treat cancer and HIV at the University of Pennsylvania, told the journal: “This is a green light for the whole field of gene editing,”

Researchers at the Peking University Stem Cell Research Center are using the experimental tool Crispr to edit the man’s DNA, notes Bloomberg News:

The man needed a transplant of stem cells to replace the damaged ones that were causing his blood cancer. That procedure also gave them the opportunity to re-engineer a gene called CCR5 in the donor cells to be resistant to HIV.

(Source: Bloomberg News, Photo Credit: AAES Director/Flickr)

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