School Locks Special Needs Boy In Closet As Punishment

A boy with special needs, Nick Wynne, was reportedly locked inside a closet as punishment at Mustang Creek Elementary School In Oklahoma.

The school calls the closet a “refocus room,” notes KFOR.

Nick’s dad, Billy Wynne, told the news station: “They made it sound like a one-on-one kind of thing, because there are only children in his class with one teacher and one assistant.”

Nick has ADHD and possibly autism. He is currently in a special program at school, which Billy described:

The student starts the first day of school not allowed to bring their lunch, not allowed to do recess,. If they get in trouble, there’s this refocus room that is legitimately the storage closet for the classroom that they put them in and lock them in until they consider them under control.

We told them “I kind of have a problem with this, what you’re calling a refocus room, this closet,” and they’re like “Don’t worry. It rarely ever happens. We’ll call, and let you know if something does happen and they have to go in there.” No. Never. The first time it happened was the second week of school.”

Billy recently learned that this type of punishment has happened multiple times:

I said “We don’t agree with this room, and we realize this is part of the program but don’t put him in there. Call us. We’ll come up here if he’s out of control for you guys.” What if we were to do that to our own children? They were out of control, lock them in a closet for 30 minutes. If somebody reported it, I really think we would go to jail.

The school superintendent said the “refocus room” is only used when parents consent.

State school board officials said they are investigating the incident.

(Source: KFOR)

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