School Cop Tases Teen Over Dress Code Violation, Twice, In Ohio

A school resource officer reportedly tased a teen student twice  over a dress code violation — the color of his pants — in Smithville, Ohio.

After the first tasing, the teen laid on the floor in pain, and the officer shot the taser again.

Wayne County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Doug Huner told The Free Thought Project that the teen was being non-compliant:

[T]here was a problem between the dean of students and this particular student which centered around a school policy violation.

[The student] allegedly became disruptive and ran away from the dean of students, and (the dean) soon encountered the school resource officer, who was going down the hallway.

What I was told was the student allegedly threatened to assault [Deputy Matt Little] by punching him.

In the video, the teen put his hands on the wall as if he was being arrested.

Hunter falsely claimed there was a “struggle”:

At the end of the struggle, the deputy tases him. It looks like [the student] is hit on the left side just above his belt line, which is typically where we target.

The teen’s father said that the police officer deploying his taser was unnecessary and excessive:

Why didn’t they call me when he wouldn’t change his pants? They know I am more than willing to work with them.

If he wasn’t breaking a law, but only a dress code, why did it even get to this level? No anger, no aggression, no fighting, no taser!

(Source: The Free Thought Project)

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