Sarah Sanders Caught Lying While She Calls Ex-Trump Staffers ‘Disgruntled’ Liars

Former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told ABC News’ “Good Morning America” host George Stephanopoulos that she was present when President Donald Trump called a family to alert them that their loved one had been killed in battle:

I sat with him in the Oval Office as he had to make that awful call to let a parent know that their son had been killed in Afghanistan. At no time, other than that time, have I seen the president show his heart more, show his vulnerability more than in that time.

Stephanopoulos fact-checked Sanders on the spot:

You said you were with the president when he called a family to notify them that their son had been killed in Afghanistan. And I thought it was a military protocol that it was always the military that went in person to see the family.

Sanders also claimed that former White House personnel who have dared to criticize Trump are “disgruntled employees” who “have tried to push their own agenda.”

Sanders — who has a long history of lying and deception, and even admitted to lying to Mueller investigators about the FBI — claimed that her version was “honest”:

It’s really simple. I think mine is actually the honest account. You’re looking at people who have left as disgruntled employees, people who have tried to push their own agenda.

(Source: ABC News via YouTube)

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