Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Trump Is Preventing Another Sandy Hook Shooting By An American With Border Security Against Immigrants

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that President Donald Trump is preventing another Sandy Hook school-style massacre with “border security” and “stronger vetting processes” against immigrants.

The Sandy Hook shooting that took the lives of 20 children in Newtown, Connecticut, was committed by American-born Adam Lanza in 2012.

Sanders was asked by a reporter what Trump had done “to try to protect the American people against a similar type of massacre,” and she went off on an immigration speech:

Look, I think that there are a number of different ways that we look to protect our citizens every single day. One of the areas that the president has been outspoken about, not necessarily to [mass shootings], but just more broadly speaking in terms of national security and protecting individuals certainly through border security, stronger vetting processes, and looking at whether or not there are other regulations we could put in place that would offer protection.

Sanders was reminded by a reporter that the Sandy Hook and the Las Vegas mass shooting, earlier this year, had nothing to do with immigrants.

Sanders then admitted that she was speaking “more broadly in terms of national security as a whole,” and claimed there was nothing that could be done to stop mass shootings:

If you could name a single thing that would have prevented both of these, I would like to hear it because I don’t know what that would look like. But we’re looking every single day at how you can protect American lives.

The answer to Sanders’ question has been answered for decades, stricter gun safety laws, such as the one that was passed in Australia after the Post Arthur massacre in 1996, noted The Washington Post and The Atlantic.

Australia has not had a mass shooting since.

(Sources: CNN via YouTube, The Washington Post, The Atlantic)

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