Sarah Huckabee Sanders Says Trump Never Made Phone Calls That He Claimed He Did

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders admitted that President Donald Trump did not make two phone calls that he claimed he made, which she said were actually conversations not phone calls. Sanders insisted the president didn’t lie.

The Guardian reported: “The president of Mexico and the Boy Scouts have refuted Donald Trump’s claims that he received calls from them praising his immigration policies and speech-making abilities.”

ABC News correspondent Cecilia Vega asked Sanders: “Did he lie?”

Sanders insisted Trump was actually referencing a face-to-face conversation with the president of Mexico at the G20 Hamburg summit and conversations that he had with members of the Boy Scouts, not phone calls as Trump clearly claimed.

Vega added: “But the president specifically said he received a phone call from the president of Mexico.”

“They were direct conversations, not phone calls,” Sanders stated in direct contradiction to Trump

“So he lied,” Vega stated. “He didn’t receive that phone call.”

“I wouldn’t say it is a lie. That’s a pretty bold accusation,” Sanders stated. “The conversations took place. They just didn’t simply didn’t take place over a phone call.”

(Sources: The Guardian, Fox News via YouTube)

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