Sarah Huckabee Sanders Lies About Trump Not Lying, Blames Media

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders refused to admit on “The View” that President Donald Trump lies, despite the overwhelming evidence.

Huckabee Sanders repeatedly blamed the media, but co-host Joy bear wasn’t having it: “Is the media not supposed to report on the fact that 95 percent of what [Trump] says is a lie?”

The audience cheered, and Huckabee Sanders accused Behar of lying with a false narrative: “The problem with that, Joy, that is — you are doing exactly what you’re talking about and pushing a false narrative.”

“No it’s not,” Behar insisted. “It’s from PolitiFact. It’s not just the dreaded New York Times, it is other outlets that say it. Five percent of his statements are true. Five percent. And I feel sorry for you that you have to go out and defend those lies everyday.”

Huckabee Sanders called the five percent number “simply not accurate and called it one of the dangers we have right now.”

The PolitiFact scorecard notes that only 5 percent of Trump’s statements are “true.”

The New York Times is keeping a definitive and staggering list of Trump’s lies on its website.

(Source: ABC-TV via YouTube, The New York Times, PolitiFact)

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