Sarah Huckabee Sanders Defends John Kelly’s Lie About Rep. Frederica Wilson

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders defended White House Chief of Staff John Kelly’s false claim that Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson of Florida bragged about securing funding for the Miramar FBI building in 2015.

Video from the building’s dedication shows that Wilson did not brag about getting funding for the building, but rather paid tribute to the two FBI agents who were killed, notes the Sun-Sentinel.

“Wilson… wasn’t even elected to Congress when the funding for the building was approved.” reports the Sun-Sentinel.

A White House reporter told Sanders that Kelly was “wrong”about his claim, and Sanders replied:

If you want to go after General Kelly, that’s up to you. If you want to get into a debate with the four-star Marine general, I think that’s something highly inappropriate. Go ahead.

Wilson called out Kelly’s false claim during an interview on CNN (video below), and told The New York Times: “The White House itself is full of white supremacists.”

(Sources: Sun-Sentinel, CNN via YouTube, CNN via YouTube, The New York Times)

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