Sarah Huckabee Sanders Can’t Name One Way Trump Is Preventing School Shootings

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders could not name one effort by President Donald Trump to prevent school shootings.

NBC News reporter Peter Alexander told Sanders that there had been 11 school shootings in 2018 and asked what Trump was doing to prevent school shootings

In response, Sanders spoke about various other crimes and prosecutions, but not school shootings:

The president believes that all Americans deserve to be safe in their schools and their communities. We’ve had two years of increased violence prior to the president taking office. We’ve tried to crack down on crime throughout the country. The president instructed his administration to make the recent crime wave  a top priority.

Sanders went on to say how people had been charged and convicted for crimes in the U.S., but no made no mention of Trump’s prevention of school shootings.

Alexander told Sanders that Trump has not even spoke about school shootings in 2018, and Sanders falsely accused Alexander of claiming that Trump was “complicit” in school shootings (video below).

(Sources: Fox News via YouTube, Fox News via YouTube)

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