San Antonio Police Kill Small Chihuahua, Lie Twice In Cover-Up

The San Antonio, Texas Police Department admits one of its officers killed shot and killed a tiny Chihuahua on March 11, but was caught lying twice in an apparent cover-up.

Police claimed they were called to a neighborhood for an unrelated incident when an unidentified person allegedly pointed out a severely injured Chihuahua.

San Antonio Police Department spokesman Doug Greene claimed the officer did a mercy killing:

It appeared that the intestines of the dog were protruding out. There were some puncture wounds, and it appeared that the dog was either mauled or run over by a car.

However, pictures take after the dog was shot show that her stomach was intact.

The San Antonio Police Department also claimed that it called Animal Care Services (ACS), but a representative said the ACS never received a call for a dog in distress at the location.

The ACS rep said officials would have taken the injured animal to an emergency clinic or a veterinarian.

The San Antonio Police Department said it’s unlikely the officer who shot the dog will be investigated despite the lies told by the department itself.

(Source: KSAT)

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