San Antonio Police Dept: Cop Was Justified In Punching 14-Year-Old Girl

The San Antonio, Texas, Police Department found that Officer Gary Tuli was justified in hitting a 14-year-old girl with either his hand or fist after the teen allegedly did the same on May 20.

After a bystander’s video of the incident went viral , the San Antonio Express-News requested the use-of-force report, body camera footage and dashcam video of the incident.

The city of San Antonio did not want the information released,  but the Texas Attorney General’s Office ruled that the use-of-force report had to be released, but the police bodycam and dashcam videos would not be released.

According to the use-of-force report, a police supervisor went to the scene after the incident and decided that Officer Tuli didn’t break police department policies or need additional training.

Romana Lopez, a police department spokeswoman, said on Aug. 21 that the police department would not say why the officer’s actions were justified.

The Bexar County District Attorney’s Office hasn’t formally filed charges against the teen over the incident, which is still under review… three months later.

(Source: San Antonio Express-News)

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