San Antonio Police Caught Lying About Fatal Shooting After Video Surfaces

The San Antonio Police Department appears to have lied about the police shooting of Randall Goodale on Jan. 13 in Texas.

The police said they were serving a warrant on Goodale for felony possession of a handgun.

The cops claimed Goodale responded by “ramming into occupied police vehicles.”

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus repeated this falsehood on the day of the shooting: “Well, he was ramming the cars, for one. And there were officers in the vehicles whose lives were being threatened by that.”

KSAT reports that home surveillance footage contradicts the police:

As soon as officers block the driveway, several exit the vehicles and draw their guns. About 15 seconds after pointing their weapons, officers can be seen opening fire on the truck from multiple angles.

Shortly after officers finished shooting (police have not yet provided the number of shots fired), the truck slowly moves down the driveway and bumps into one of the parked, unmarked police vehicles, which appears to be unoccupied.

A plume of smoke rises from the truck’s rear tires, potentially a result of Goodale’s feet hitting the brake and accelerator after being shot.

(Source: KSAT)

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