Salem Media’s ‘Christian And Family-Themed Content’ Includes Kurt Schlichter Who Tweets Sexual Insults And Bigotry: Report

Right Wing Watch notes that the Salem Media Group promotes itself as “targeting audiences interested in Christian and family-themed content and conservative values.”

However, Salem eemploys Kurt Schlichter as a senior columnist on the Townhall website. Schlichter has reportedly made a number of sexual and bigoted insults on Twitter:

Right Wing Watch adds more about Schlichter’s history:

Schlichter has also trafficked in conspiracy theories, pushing claims that explosive devices mailed to prominent Democrats and news organizations targeted for scorn by President Trump were an elaborate hoax. He once referred to the then-teenage survivors of the Parkland school shooting as “lying ventriloquist dummies.” In 2015, he insisted during a CNN appearance that a “large number” of Muslims supported radical jihad, but floundered when asked to cite the sources for his claim.”

(Source: Right Wing Watch, Photo Credit: Kurt Schlichter /Twitter)

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