Rudy Giuliani Took $350K-$150K Bailout Funds For His 18-Year-Old Company, But Can’t Recall What It Does

Rudy Giuliani, who often rants against socialism (VIDEO BELOW), got between $150,000 and $350,000 in government emergency small business loans (socialism) for a company he has owned for 18 years this spring.

Giuliani told Salon that he did not recall purpose of his company, which does payroll for corporations, even though he has been the CEO for 18 years.

Salon reports there could be some fraud involved:

Financial experts tell Salon that one of two scenarios is likely true: Either Giuliani directly employs a number of people through this unknown company, and pays them substantial salaries, or the company misrepresented its finances to the government when it applied for the loan — which would likely constitute fraud, a felony.

(Sources: Salon, Fox News via YouTube)

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