Roy Moore’s Spokeswoman Janet Porter Dodges Questions About Moore’s Anti-Gay, Anti-Muslim Statements

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore’s spokeswoman Janet Porter dodged questions about Moose’s anti-gay statements, anti-Muslim claims and wacky 9/11 theories.

CNN host Anderson Cooper asked Porter:

Does Judge Moore still believe that homosexual conduct should be illegal and homosexuality is still the same thing at beastiality?

Porter claimed Moore “believes the Bible and what the Bible has to say.”

Cooper also asked Porter:

Does he still believe 9/11 may have happened because, quote, we distanced ourselves from God? That’s what he said in the past. Does he still believe that?

After going on another rant, Porter finally replied; “I don’t know the answer, no.”

Cooper asked:

Does he still believe an American citizen who’s a Muslim should not serve in Congress?

Porter changed the topic to Sharia law: “I think that what he’s getting at there is we believe in the rule of law by the Constitution, not Sharia Law.”

Cooper told Porter:

You’re the spokesperson and you seem unwilling. I know you’re not from Alabama, but you seem not to know what his positions are.

Porter also dodged a question about Moore saying President Obama was not born in the U.S. She talked about checking out library books with her driver’s license.

Earlier in the interview, Porter dodged questions about Moore being removed from the Alabama Supreme Court twice (video below).

(Sources: CNN via YouTube, CNN via YouTube)

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