Roy Moore Defender Blames Luther Strange For Sex Abuse Allegations, Says Victims Want Money

A “Women for Moore” rally was held at the state Capitol in Montgomery, Alabama.

One of the attendees, Martha Shiver, told MSNBC that Moore’s alleged nine victims were trying to get money, but provided no proof:

Well, I want to let [Moore] know that we’re 100 percent behind him, we believe in him and we just don’t really believe in all the slander that’s going on, and we want him to know that we’re 100 percent behind him.

I think at a young age [Moore] may have pushed the issue and she got probably rejected, and now she’s saying that something that I don’t think happened.

I think that [the women are] out for money, I think they’ve been pushed by the other people to say things that is not true.

Shiver was asked to identify the people encouraging Moore’s accusers to come forward:

Um… I wouldn’t really like to say that on TV. But I think, really, Luther Strange is probably behind a lot of this. I really don’t trust him, and I just don’t trust him.

Shiver provided no proof of her claims, but added:

I believe in Roy Moore, all the way, 100 percent. We’re saying a prayer today, and we’re letting him know that this group of people is all for him, and that we’re 100 percent behind him.

(Source: MSNBC via

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