Roy Moore Compares Sex Abuse Allegations To Trump-Russia Probe

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore compared the sexual misconduct allegations against him by nine women to the probe into the Trump campaign and Russia during a campaign speech in Henagar, Alabama, on Nov. 27.

Moore claimed the sexual allegations made by the women were part of an effort to “hide the true issues,” notes CNN:

The people of this country want movement. They don’t want false attacks like this. That’s exactly what’s happening in this case,

They want to hide the true issues of immigration and health care, military readiness, taxes, abortion and transgender rights.

They also not only want to hide the issues, they don’t want my opponent’s issues revealed; how he stands on these issues. I’ll tell you how he stands: completely contrary to the people of this state and this country.

Moore claimed the sexual allegations against him from the late 1970s are “malicious, false attacks, which reflect the immorality of our time”:

I have not seen one who wants her picture posted on national TV, especially in a political advertisement. The truth is, this is not really odd at all. This is simply dirty politics. And it’s a sign of the immorality — it’s a sign of the immorality of our time, This is just a sign of the times in which we live. Politicians will stop at nothing to win an election.

Moore refused to questions from reporters afterward, which has become the norm for his carefully staged campaign events.

Moore has also refused to debate his Democratic opponent, Doug Jones, but attacked Jones for supporting equal rights for transgender soldiers:

I know how to strengthen the military, and it isn’t by putting transgender troops and opposing President Trump’s ban on transgender troops in the military.

I oppose transgender rights. There is no right to believe you’re a person of the opposite sex or opposite gender, and when you start preserving rights like that — that you can be who you want.

There’s a new word called fluid transgenderism. That means you can go back and forth. … There’s a big difference. There’s a big difference between myself and my opponent.

(Source: CNN)

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