Road Rage Shootout Leaves Innocent Bystander Wounded In Houston

A news crew from KTRK was working on location in Houston when they witnessed a road rage shootout that left one woman wounded.

Video journalist Gerzain Garcia recalled: “I heard gunshots. I said, ‘Let’s go,’ and we drove closer.”

Garcia and reporter Erica Simon arrived at the aftermath of a minor rear end collision between a Jeep and a gray Nissan sedan, but then two men got out of the cars and began shooting at each other in traffic.

Garcia added: “I thought they had stopped shooting,” but the men continued to wave their guns and shout threats.

Simon said she dove for cover:

I hit the ground behind our truck. I called my husband to let him know where his wife was in case something happened.

After the gunfire ended, Simon found a wounded female bystander with a graze to her head:

We tried to comfort her as best we could, and let her know an ambulance was on its way. A good Samaritan, an EMT, was applying pressure to her head to stop the bleeding.

Simon tweeted a picture of the victim who was taken to a local hospital:

Both of the men were apprehended by police.

(Sources: KTRK, Erica Simon/Twitter)

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