Road Crew Workers Detain Kentucky State Trooper Who Allegedly Attacked Them

Road crew workers detained off-duty Kentucky State Trooper Anthony Harrison after he allegedly punched on of them on Sept. 24 near Fort Knox, Kentucky.

Harrison was filmed shouting at the workers by Joey Gaddis, and reaching for Gaddis’ cell phone.

“Me pulling the phone and filming him, that just sent him over the top,” Gaddis told WDRB. “He lunged at me for the phone. I felt like he was trying to grab at my neck.”

According to the workers, Harrison was furious about not seeing the crew in a closed-off traffic lane.

“He got more belligerent and was saying that we weren’t doing things properly and that we needed a slow sign, and we pointed at it,” Gaddis recalled.

Gaddis noted that the troopers who arrived at the scene were not much help: 

It seemed like we were in the wrong. That’s the way we felt. They lined us all up in a row to take pictures of us like we jumped out of the car on him.

Lt. Michael Webb, a spokesperson for the Kentucky State Police, lectured viewers to allow the agency to conduct its investigation (as if the viewers could actually stop it, which they cannot):

Obviously, it is concerning what we see on the video. However, I would caution any of the viewers who see that video to allow us to conduct our internal investigation to its final stages and follow the facts to where they will take us.

Police did not make any made no arrests after the incident.

(Source: WDRB, Photo Credit: Joey Gaddis)

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