Right Wing Trolls Falsely Claim Starbucks Is Giving Free Coffee To Black People

Right wing trolls such as Mark Dice are promoting fake Starbucks coupons — offering free coffee to black people — that have hidden white supremacy slogans.

The fake free coffee flyers began appearing on Twitter, as well as right wing forums Gab and 4chan, after Starbucks announced it was closing all of its stores on May 29 to instruct all of its employees on racial bias following two widely publicized incidents against black people.

The fake flyer states: “We’re sorry. We know we can do better. Starbucks values all people of color and we are working on employee sensitivity training. The best dialogue starts over a cup of coffee and we’d like to buy you one.”

The coupons tell Starbucks employees to enter the discount code 1488, a combination of the white supremacy 14 words phrase and 88, a right wing abbreviation for the phrase “Heil Hitler,” reports ThinkProgress.

The QR code links to a website that translates the code as the N-word. The flyers also include the hashtag #FreeBlackCoffee.

Joe My God posted a tweet (now removed) from Dice who said of the coupons: “This is so great. Someone needs to videotape themselves trying to redeem this ‘coupon’ for #FreeBlackCoffee and go full SJW when they say it’s fake.”

(Sources; Mark Dice/Twitter, Joe My GodThinkProgress)

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