Right Wing Judicial Crisis Network Says Sexual Assault Of Christine Blasey Ford May Have Been ‘Rough Horseplay’

Carrie Severino, a policy director at the right wing Judicial Crisis Network, claimed that the alleged sexual assault of Christine Blasey Ford by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh may have been “boorishness” and “rough horseplay.”

The Judicial Crisis Network is spending millions of dollars in ads to get Kavanaugh confirmed to the Supreme Court.

Severino claimed on CNN that Ford’s description of Kavanaugh’s alleged attack ranges from “boorishness to rough horseplay to actual attempted rape.”

CNN host Kate Bolduan quickly fact-checked Severino: “I don’t think anywhere in there she’s saying this boorish horseplay at all in her letter. I don’t think that’s at all what she’s suggesting.”

Servino replied: “She’s certainly implying that it’s attempted rape,” and then insisted Ford described “a whole range of things.”

After mangling the facts, Servino added: “We have to get all of the facts.”

(Source: CNN via Twitter)

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