Right-Wing Bigot Proud Boys Brawl With Antifa Protesters in Michigan, Journalist Who Films Them Gets Arrested

A wild brawl broke out between the right-wing bigots Proud Boys and some Antifa protesters in Kalamazoo, Michigan on Aug. 15 (MORE VIDEO BELOW).

MLive reporter Samuel J. Robinson said the Proud Boys marched near Arcadia Creek Festival Place where the First Congregational Church organized a peaceful counter protest by forming a perimeter around the area.

The Proud Boys — who waved American, Trump, and Gadsden flags — reportedly attacked the counter-protesters with fists, kicks, and pepper-spray.

Robinson reported that he was also pepper-sprayed by the Proud Boys.

Robinson also reported that he was arrested, and tweeted a picture from jail, but the Proud Boys escaped arrest.

MLive journalist Malachi Barrett tweeted a video of Robinson being arrested.

HuffPost journalist Philip Lewis also tweeted video of Robinson’s arrest.

(Sources: The Sun, MLive, Twitter)

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