Rhode Island Troopers Search For Stolen Police Car, Kill Wrong Man

Police in Providence, Rhode Island, shot and killed a man whom they mistook for Donald Morgan, who allegedly stole a Rhode Island State Trooper’s cruiser on Nov  9.

The man was driving a white pickup truck when Rhode Island State Police opened fire at close range on a highway, notes The Providence Journal; an unidentified woman was wounded.

While police were looking for the stolen cruiser, they got a call about a white Ford F150 truck with something “hanging out the back,” according to Cranston Police Col. Michael Winquist.

The cops falsely assumed that Morgan was driving the truck, which Winquist claimed was driving erratically, made illegal turns and ran stop signs. Winquist provided no proof of that claim. 

The police later found the stolen cruiser, but Morgan who is at large.

Providence Public Safety Commissioner Steven Pare said: “He is obviously still somewhere in the area.”

(Source: The Providence Journal)




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