How Private Prisons Get Rich By Jailing Immigrants

The private prison lobby has had major influence in places like Florida, Arizona, Georgia, Utah and Alabama, states which have recently passed some of the strictest anti-immigrant policies. Policies, which would likely help fill those prison cells and make private prisons wealthier.

Geo, along with Corrections Corporation of America, or CCA, have contracts with Immigrations and Customs enforcement. Together their annual revenue is 3 billion dollars. Both Geo and CCA have repeatedly been accused of lobbying for tougher immigration policies in order to keep their cells full.

Private prisons are making millions off the crackdown of undocumented immigrants, they basically manage every aspect of a detainee’s life, just like a government prison, except that contractors are doing it for a profit. Wells Fargo is reported to have millions in shares in private prisons.


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