Retired Los Angeles Cop Disgusted By Police ‘Execution’ Of Alton Sterling

Retired Los Angeles police officer and author Cheryl Dorsey expressed her disgust at the newly-released police body cam video of the “execution” of Alton Sterling in 2016.

CNN legal analyst and criminal defense lawyer Joey Jackson noted the lack of transparency by officials and their refusal to put the officer who killed Sterling on trial:

People are tired of these investigations happening behind closed doors and then seeing officials come out there are make the same pronouncements. People want transparency. What do I mean? Bring it in front of a jury… instead of an . official making a unilateral decision not to charge.

Dorsey called the killing of Sterling an “execution” by police:

That was an execution. We heard those officers threat Mr. Sterling and then they did exactly what they said they were going to do.

I don’t care if they’re disruptive or they’re not cooperating, you don’t get to use expletives when you refer to them. You don’t get to threaten them, I will shoot you in your effing head if you don’t be still.

The fact that this officer got fired beings me no comfort. He needs to be charged with a criminal offense, he needs to be convicted of a criminal offense.

(Source: CNN via Vimeo)

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