Retired Deputy Charged In Road Rage Fight With Woman

William Sothen, a retired Harrison County, West Virginia Sheriff’s Deputy, was charged with battery in Monongalia County because of a “road rage incident” with a 21-year-old woman, Amber Generally, on Aug. 28, according to police.

Morgantown Police Chief Ed Preston said that Generally got out of her car and verbally confronted Sothen, who was riding a motorcycle.

In a video of the incident, filmed and posted on Twitter by Joey T. Smith, a man is seen placing the woman in what appears to be a chokehold and wrestling her on the road.

According to police, Generally tried to get into her vehicle, but Sothen prevented her from doing so and pinned her against her car.

When officers came to the scene, an off-duty West Virginia University officer was reportedly separating Generally and Sothen.

Generally received an ear injury and had a scrape on her right leg, said the police report.

(Source: WBOY, Joey T. Smith/Twitter)

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