Restaurant Owner Turns Off NFL Games After Players Protest Police Brutality Against Blacks

David McCraw, owner of the Palmetto Restaurant and Ale House in Greenville, South Carolina, decided to turn off televised NFL games in his restaurant after NFL players peacefully protested police brutality by taking a knee during the National Anthem.

McCraw justified his actions by falsely claiming that the players were protesting the country and the military, notes WHNS:

I’m an ex-military guy. My whole concept is about being local and supporting the community. It is not about supporting a concept that is disrespectful to our flag or our country, and I don’t think the people that come to my bar will feel that this is disrespectful to them.

McCraw also agreed with President Donald Trump’s fascist call for the players to be fired for exercising their free speech rights:

Our president is our president, but I don’t stand in unity with everything he says. This is a country of one people, and we need to stand for our flag.

McCraw also complained on Facebook where he got hammered by commenters:

No NFL games will be played at Palmetto Alehouse until every player stands in respect to our flag and our country. This is a position that I’m going to take and I hope you will support me.

(Source: WHNS, Palmetto Restaurant and Ale House/Facebook, Photo Credit: Palmetto Restaurant and Ale House/Facebook)

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