Restaurant Owner Fires Woman, Tells Her To Keep Legs Open

Evelyn Marie Reid was fired halfway through her shift at Terry’s Turf Club in Cincinnati on Oct. 7.

Outside the restaurant, the owner told Reid to keep her legs open, which she filmed and posted on Facebook.

Reid recalled the incident to WXIX:

Thank God I have proof. Otherwise, no one else would have believed me because in this day and age if you say this person did something to me then I’m trying to ruin their lives.

I loved my job. I always did the best to my ability and I was just asking for a reason as to why I was fired. I got fired because I was told I was not smiling enough.

I had like a cold sweat. I was alone with an old white guy who was sexually harassing me. Just because you’re a privileged white man doesn’t mean you can say whatever you’d like.

Terry’s Turf Club owner said: “My attorney’s handling all that,” but the
attorney could not be reached for comment.

Reid said she’s looking for a lawyer and hoping to file a lawsuit.

(Sources: Evelyn Marie Reid/Facebook, WXIX)

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