‘Responsible Gun Owner’ Shoots Real Estate Photographer, Thought He Was Burglar

A woman in Winston, Georgia, shot a photographer thinking he was a prowler on Feb. 2 (more video below).

The woman hired Real Estate Expert Advisors to help her sell her home. Real Estate Expert Advisors hired photographer Whitney Morris to take pictures of the woman’s home, notes WXIA.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office says the woman was sleeping when she heard a noise in her living room.

Her home alarm went off, so the responsible gun owner grabbed her gun, saw Morris near the kitchen entry and fired several shots.

After shooting Morris, the woman saw his camera and tripod. She realized her mistake and called 911, notes WBIR (video below):

Homeowner: “I thought they broke into my house.”

Operator: “You shot him?”

Homeowner: “Yes, sir… “Oh God I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry.”

Operator: “Do you know the photographer?”

Homeowner: “No, nobody even told me. They were supposed to call me and set up the first appointment with me. I have not got the first call from them.”

Homeowner: “There’s blood everywhere… He’s very pale, he’s lost a lot of blood.”

As Morris lay on the floor bleeding, the woman repeatedly told 911 that she didn’t know who he was.

Emails between Morris and Real Estate Expert Advisors shows the time and date of the appointment when Morris was supposed to take pictures of the home; the woman claims she was never notified.

Now, Morris is suing the woman and Real Estate Expert Advisors for the injuries he sustained.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is not going to charge the woman, who refused to comment.

(Source: WBIR, WXIA/YouTube)

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