‘Responsible Gun Owner’ Has 16 Guns Stolen By Stripper

A self-described “responsible legal gun owner” had 16 guns stolen from him by a stripper and her friends in Howard County, Indiana on May 3.

Billy Swaggerty lost a dozen firearms, including assault-style rifles, and the safes that he kept the weapons in.

Swaggerty shared his new-found wisdom to WXIN:

Be careful who you tell, keep it to yourself, don’t be bragging about how many guns you got, be careful who you let into your house and make sure you buy a quality safe. And that’s another thing, don’t let strippers in your house.

Swaggerty allowed a woman wearing only a coat to move into his spare bedroom against his wife’s wishes:

And I put her in the bedroom with the safes and it came back and bit me. The fact is she was a stripper is what we found out. We didn’t know that she was a stripper.

The stripper had a husband in prison on a drug charge, and she had a substance abuse problem herself, according to Swaggerty.

Swaggerty came home on May 3 and found his guns gone:

I had probably three .22 rifles, two shotguns, numerous pistols, I had an SKS which is .762 millimeter, I had an AK 74 which is a .554 millimeter and I had an AR 15 which I just got for Christmas which is a .556 millimeter. It wasn’t just her and they better brought a truck because they didn’t put them in a car.

Word is is that she went to her drug dealer and sold my guns for $450./ My worst fear is one of my guns is gonna kill a child.

When asked why he collects so many guns, Swaggerty compared his lethal gun collection to people who collect bottle caps.

(Source: WXIN)

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