Rescuers Claim God Sent Them To Help Hit and Run Victim

Mattie Kay Scott and Whitney Peavy claim that God placed them at a hit and run scene in Sumter, South Carolina.

WLTX notes that seven-year-old Peyton Mcconico was hit by a car when he ran across Highway 15.

The vehicle that struck the boy continued on its way, but Scott and Peavy witnessed the tragedy that they believe was heaven sent.

Scott, an ER nurse, told WLTX. “Going straight on through a green light, just head on hit him. I mean he went up over the windshield and down to the ground. I just jerked my wheel, jumped out my car.”

Peavy, who has some medical training, added:“I see blue scrubs running down the road and once I ran up there I realized it was Mattie. My husband and I both used to volunteer firefight here in Sumter County.”

Peavy recalled that her husband stopped traffic while Scott and Peavy  moved the child off the road.

Scott said: “I just tried to hold his head and his neck as tight as I could and he wanted to wiggle, he was wiggling and wanted his mommy.”

Peavy added: “While Mattie was holding his [cervical] spine I just ran over and put the jacket on his head and with my other hand I held his hand.”

The boy was airlifted to the hospital in serious condition, but survived due to medical science.

“He was hit hard,” Scott recalled. “He was hit hard. I didn’t think he was going to make it to be honest, I was scared for his life.”

Peavy insisted that God was behind the incident: “I firmly believe that there was a reason my husband and Mattie were right there, three people who had experience in the medical field.”

“We were there for Peyton, and then He was there for Peyton,” Scott added. “God was there for Peyton.”

The women didn’t explain why God allowed the hit and run accident to happen.

Peyton’s family says the boy has been released from the hospital and doing better.

(Source: WLTX)

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