Republicans Try To Defend Massive Tax Cuts For The Rich, Fail Miserably

Republicans hit the news shows to defend the very unpopular GOP Tax reform bill, which gives hundreds of millions in tax breaks to wealthy corporations and rich Americans while increasing the national debt by $1.5 trillion and setting the stage for cuts in social services and health care.

Republican Rep. Peter Roskam of Illinois falsely suggested on CNN that “everybody” would get a tax cut under the GOP tax cut plan, but host Alisyn Camerota debunked that false claim.

“Everybody gets a benefit in terms of how we’ve tried to approach this bill,” Roskam said.

“Not everybody in the country gets a benefit,” Camerota countered. “They just don’t.”

During an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe (video below), Republican Rep. Kevin Brady of Texas falsely claimed that the GOP tax bill will help “blue collar workers,” and denied that the middle class cares about the enormous tax breaks for wealthy New York hedge fund managers, which the middle class is paying for.

Brady event went as far as to say that talking about this benefit for the rich would cost Morning Joe its viewers:

At the end of the day, keep talking about this. his is why the American public turns off these shows, unfortunately, because they’re not dealing with the real issues Americans care about.

Host Joe Scarborough countered:

Let me talk. We’ve had our highest ratings ever this year, it’s been a very good year for us, so people aren’t turning us off.

Brady repeatedly told Scarborough to step back and “look at the big picture,” but Scarborough wasn’t falling for his Big Brother advice:

Let me finish. Let me finish. Kevin, a lot of people in your district that work hard, that don’t make a lot of money, are paying double that (14 percent to 15 percent paid by wealthy investors).

Co-host Mika Brzezinski added:

I think people are turned off with Washington when the same old thing happens again and again, and Willie had a very interesting question that is not an obsession, that is about the fairness of this plan.

Brady claimed that voters in his district didn’t care if  wealthy Wall Street executives got huge tax breaks that middle-class voters are paying for:

No one back home says, “Hey, how’s that carried interest provision going?'” They’re asking, “Hey, can I keep more of my paycheck? Can we get the economy going, can we get our jobs back from overseas?” My only point to you is, I just think those are the big issues families care about — that’s all.

(Sources: CNN via YouTube, MSNBC via YouTube)

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