Republicans Stuff Themselves With In-N-Out Burgers To Protest

Republicans and Trump fans are stuffing themselves with high calorie hamburgers from In-N-Out to protest a boycott that was called for (and later rescinded) by California Democratic Party Chairman Eric Bauman.

Bauman called for the boycott on Twitter because In-N-Out gave $25,000 to the California Republican Party.

In response, GOPers shoved the hamburgers down their throats, notes Right Wing Watch:

Religious Right pastor Franklin Graham also posed for a photo at an In-N-Out that was posted by a pro-Trump Twitter user.

Harim Uziel, a California man who has built an online brand called “The Hardcore American Patriot” that is almost exclusively centered on his support for President Trump, posted a photo of himself at a Los Angeles In-N-Out on August 31.

Brenden Dilley is a QAnon truther who once claimed he “pissed off a Trump” family member when he publicly doubted the authenticity of the theory. He’s also pounding down some In-N-Out in a photo he tweeted with a frequently seen QAnon hashtag.

Texas-based conspiracy theorist Alex Jones also took time away from getting banned from just about every social media platform to make a trip to In-N-Out, declaring that his visit “is like, super politically incorrect.”

(Sources: Right Wing Watch, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube)

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