Republicans Defend Amy Coney Barrett’s Catholicism, But Don’t Mention Trump Bible Study Leader’s Attack on Catholicism

Senate Judiciary Republicans denounced non-existent attacks on Judge Amy Coney Barett’s Catholicism on day one of her confirmation hearing, but ignored a reported attack against Catholicism by Ralph Drollinger, who leads a Bible study for President Donald Trump’s Cabinet.

Drollinger, a pastor and president of Capitol Ministries, has called Catholicism “one of the primary false religions of the world,” noted the Los Angeles Times.

Capitol Ministries told The Christian Post that Drollinger was actually expressing theological objections to the Church’s opposition to salvation by faith alone and was “not commenting on the faith or salvation of individual Catholics.”

Drollinger claimed in a March 21 blog post that the coronavirus is the result of God’s “the consequential wrath of God.”

On Sept. 23, Drollinger wrote in his blog that Christians should use their Election Day prayer as “spiritual weaponry.”

(Sources: BBC News, Los Angeles Times, Capitol Ministries, The Christian Post,,

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