Republicans Close Down Michigan Capitol For White Armed Protesters

The Michigan Capitol in Lansing was closed down by state Republicans for the annual “Second Amendment March” event on the Capitol lawn, which included numerous armed white people including the Michigan Militia, National Rifle Association and the Proud Boys (MORE VIDEO BELOW).

The armed march — sponsored by Michigan Gun Owners and Michigan Open Carry Inc. — included “Don’t Tread on Me” flags and signs attacking Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, notes the Michigan Advance.

The armed white rally was to protest rules that do not allow people to carry guns inside the Capitol.

The Detroit News reports that Jeff and Sheila Humphrey carried their AR-15 assault weapons to the white rally.

Jeff said armed people should be allowed inside the Capitol:

The most beautiful building I’ve ever seen. I don’t see any problem with any gun being in this building. Everything is done by a person’s intentions. So if you blame a person before they’ve done anything … what’s the point of having any rights?

Sheila insisted that guns do not kill people (in the U.S. where 30,000 people are killed guns every year):

It’s not so much the guns that are killing people. It’s the people who are killing people.

(Sources: Michigan Advance, Detroit News)

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