Republican Pundit Slams Melania Trump For Firing Deputy National Security Advisor

Republican pundit Amanda Carpenter slammed First lady Melania Trump, who was reportedly behind the firing of Deputy National Security Advisor Mira Ricardel.

Ricardel was fired shortly after Melania released a statement saying Ricardel no longer deserved to work in the White House, notes Bloomberg.

The Wall Street Journal reports that President Donald Trump fired Ricardel in part because she got into a fight with Melania over plane seats during the first lady’s recent trip to Africa.

Carpenter slammed Melania on CNN for acting as if she was in a royal family:

Last time I checked we didn’t have a royal family, but they sure like to act like it. How hostile of a workplace is this? They treat the people who go to serve them in good faith with such hostility and slam the door on them as they go out.

I mean, I really wanted to give Melania [Trump] a fair chance, and I thought she was doing a great job as first lady, until you had that moment with the “I just don’t care” jacket.

(Sources: Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Photo Credit: ABC-TV)


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