Rep. Trent Franks Falsely Claims Las Vegas Shooter Used An ‘Illegal’ Machine Gun

Republican Rep. Trent Franks of Arizona falsely claimed that the Las Vegas shooter used an “illegal weapon” during the Oct. 1 massacre.

Franks told CNN host Ana Cabrera that Stephen Paddock used a “fully-automatic machine gun” that is “illegal,” which is not true:

It’s important to keep in mind that a machine gun, a fully-automatic machine gun, that he used was already illegal.

And I suppose any number of different ways can be utilized to turn a semi-automatic weapon into an automatic.

I personally know that is the case. Any legislation would probably have to be along the lines of turning a legal gun into an illegal gun.

After Franks advocated making “illegal” guns “illegal,” Cabrera caught Franks’ false claim:

I’m a little confused… That’s the first I’ve heard about him using a weapon that was not legal. Do you have additional information that you can share about that?

Franks failed to provide any additional information, but repeated his false claim:

Oh yes, a fully-automatic machine gun that he was using is an illegal weapon.

Cabrera corrected Franks who was trying to move the debate from gun violence to so-called “illegal guns”:

My understanding… is that he purchased all his weapons legally and that he used these bump fire stocks that were allowing him to essentially simulate an automatic weapon. That’s why they have become the center of this gun control debate.

(Source: CNN via

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