Rep. Scott Perry Calls Puerto Rico ‘Success Story’ As Death Toll Increases

Republican Rep. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania insisted that the Trump administration’s response to the Puerto Rico crisis was a “success story” despite the death toll increasing and a severe lack of water, food, electricity and medical care on the U.S. territory.

“It is a success story,” Perry told CNN host Andrew Cuomo. “You are not on the ground there.”

“Where is the success?” Cuomo fired back. “I was on the ground there. Don’t tell me what we know and don’t know! We’re there reporting every day!”

Democracy Now reports that the death toll in Puerto Rico has risen to 43, and that Trump “allowed a 10-day waiver of the Jones Act to lapse, restricting shipments of food, fuel and medicine from foreign-flagged ships as nearly half of the island still lacks clean water and nearly 90 percent lacks electricity.”

(Source: CNN via YouTube, Democracy Now)

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