Rep. Robert Pittenger Compares Black Lives Matter To KKK, White Supremacists

Republican Rep. Robert Pittenger of North Carolina tried to compare the anti-police brutality group Black Lives Matter to the KKK, white supremacists and neo-Nazis who recently rallied in Charlottesville, Virginia:

You look at the actions of Black Lives Matter and people like Al Sharpton who have not condemned it — we never heard President Obama condemn the violence of Black Lives Matter. And so it’s a bit disingenuous to me that so much pressure and criticism has been put on President Trump for what he didn’t say, and yet when these things happen on the other side, there’s silence.

The host of the show asked Pittenger: “Can you really compare Black Lives Matter to Nazis and the KKK and white supremacists?”

Pittenger ignored the question, said “hate in all forms is wrong,” and switched the topic to antifa (anti-fascists). 

Pittenger also repeated a false claim that President Obama had not spoken out against violence by agitators.

Later in the show, the host told Pittenger: “You’re not going to have a Black Lives Matter person drive a car into a crowd of people and kill a bunch of people.”

Pittenger challenged the host: “How do you know that?” The host replied, “Well, it hasn’t happened yet.”

Faced with the truth, Pittenger insisted: “They’ve done other things… some of the people involved have demonstrated hate.”

The host told Pittenger: “Black Lives Matter is not a hate group,” but Pittenger said: “Some of the people involved have demonstrated hate.”

Pittenger failed to mention one person from Black Lives Matter to back up his claim.

(Source: WFNC Good Morning Fayetteville/Soundcloud, Photo Credit: Jessi Lintl/Flickr)

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