Rep. Rob Woodall Says He Has Not Read Mueller Report, Promised Voters He Would Investigate It

Republican Rep. Rob Woodall of Georgia told MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt on June 9 that he had not read the Mueller report, even though he promised voters weeks ago he would investigate the report:

I trusted Mr. Mueller, he took a lot of slings and arrows throughout this process, but every U.S. attorney I knew said this is a man of great integrity. He’s gonna lead this investigation.

I have a concern when you put the entire power of the United States Justice Department behind anything, you can achieve an agenda. You can drive a message.

In December 2017, Woodall promised voters in an enewsletter that he would investigate the Russia probe By then-Special Counsel Robert Mueller:

As you know, it is the responsibility of Congress to conduct oversight of federal departments and agencies to ensure that taxpayer resources are properly utilized as well as to ensure proper behavior of all federal employees as they conduct their official duties.

That said, questions and concerns have been raised in recent weeks about the actions of some DOJ investigators and counselors assigned to Special Counselor Robert Mueller’s team and whether or not those actions had any influence over investigative decisions.

In response, the House Judiciary Committee called on Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein, who appointed Mr. Mueller, to testify on his knowledge of this matter as well to discuss a number of other important issues. I believe that Americans deserve to know the extent to which Russia may have interfered in our elections, and I do hope you’d agree with me that any and all investigations must remain free of political bias.

My expectation is that most of the findings will be made public, but if any do need to remain classified, I commit to you that I will investigate those, as well.  You can click here to watch the entire committee hearing or here to read Mr. Rosenstein’s opening statement. 

(Sources: MSNBC via YouTube, Rob Woodall)

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