Rep. Mike Quigley: Rep. Devin Nunes Was ‘Coordinating With The White House All Along’ On Bogus Memo

Democratic Rep. Mike Quigley of Illinois says that Republican Rep. Devin Nunes of California has coordinated with the White House on his memo that attacks the FBI and the Justice Department, which are investigating President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign.

Quigley told CNN host Kate Bolduan that he questioned Nunes about coordinating with the Trump administration, but Nunes refused to answer, notes Crooks and Liars. 

Quigley recalled how Nunes previously coordinated with the Trump administration in a failed effort to smear the Obama administration.

Bolduan asked Quigley: “So Congressman, to be clear, you are saying you do believe that Chairman Nunes worked with the White House, coordinated with the White House to prepare this memo?”

Quigley replied:

Here’s why I say that. That’s how the investigation began. I don’t believe there’s ever been a time when Chairman Nunes didn’t believe his responsibilities in this investigation didn’t rest with whatever the White House wanted him to do…

Look, I have a belief that he was coordinating with the White House all along including on this memo.

The fact that he reacted in the manner in which he did, and I suppose you had to be there to see his mannerisms and expressions, leads me to believe that he, again, wasn’t being candid and the fact that he refused to answer another member of the committee’s question about who was involved in working on this memo. Look, there’s reasonable belief that he was involved all the time.

(Source: Crooks and Liars)

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