Rep. Mike Kelly Credits Trump For People Saying ‘Merry Christmas’

Republican Rep. Mike Kelly of Pennsylvania made the bizarre claim that people are saying, “Merry Christmas” because President Donald Trump has “changed the entire complexion of our entire country.”

According to a Franklin & Marshall College poll in September, Trumps’ support in Pennsylvania dropped to 29 percent, noted Penn Live.

Kelly made his strange statement on Fox News while trying to defend the GOP-controlled Congress’ choice fund the U.S. government only for a few weeks:

I will tell you what. For those people on the Trump train or not on the Trump train, this is high-speed rail right now. And so if you’re not on the Trump train, you get on the train or get off the tracks. You’re gonna get run over.

Look, the House had done its work in the appropriations. We had our 12 bills ready to go. Unfortunately it didn’t get through the Senate. But the big news is for America, you look at today, and I can tell you walking around the streets of Pittsburgh, people walking more erect, not just whispering “Merry Christmas” but saying “Hey, Merry Christmas.”

You can feel it, you can see it. And I’m not just pumping sunshine for the sake of pumping sunshine. I am telling you, this is a different country.

In 11 months, this president has changed the entire complexion of our entire country and our place in the world. We are no longer leading from behind, we are leading from the front and everybody else is looking to us and saying “go, go, go.”

(Sources:Penn LiveFox News via YouTube)

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