Rep. Mike Bost Delivers Bag Of Thoughts And Prayers To Trump After School Shooting

Republican Rep. Mike Bost of Illinois delivered a bag of thoughts and prayers to President Donald Trump on Feb. 16 in an apparent response to the mass school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Bost proudly posted a picture of his meaningless deed on Facebook with a caption:

Tracy and other ladies from Southern Illinois collected prayer cards, which I hand delivered to President Donald J. Trump!

UPDATE: After public outrage, Post changed the text on hs Facebook page to read:

In February 2017, Tracy worked with various church groups in Southern Illinois and Missouri to collect prayer cards for the new administration. In April of last year, I had a meeting at the White House and had the opportunity to hand deliver the pray cards to President Donald J. Trump. Thank you to all who participated! Here’s a photo we just received from The White House.

(Sources: Rep. Mike Bost/Facebook)

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