Rep. Matt Gaetz, Who Has Never Faced Live Fire, Says Teachers Should Have Shoot Out With Gunman

Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida claimed that armed teachers would be successful in a shootout with a gunman, even though he has never actually been in a situation where he was being shot at.

MSNBC host Joy Reid asked Gaetz: “Have you ever taken live fire?”

Gaetz replied: “Sure, no, I’ve not taken live fire,

Reid stated:

You’ve never been in a situation where somebody is shooting at you. But you are interpreting in your expertise, as somebody who has never been in law enforcement and never had anyone shoot at you, that a teacher should be equipped to fire back at a mass shooter who is prepared to die, who has acquired a weapon that is just below an M-16, the armalite rifle, which was created for the military…  

You’ve never experienced that live fire, but you say a teacher should return fire against a mass shooter who is prepared to die. Where do you get the expertise to say that?

Gaetz failed to name his expertise, and shifted the conversation to the 2017 shooting of a congressional baseball game.

(Source: MSNBC via YouTube)

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