Rep. Matt Gaetz Tries to Defend His Tasteless Gas Mask Stunt at The Beginning of Coronavirus Crisis

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) tried to defend his tasteless gas mask stunt that he pulled at the beginning of the coronavirus crisis that has killed over 10,000 Americans (PICTURE BELOW).

Appearing on Fox News on April 9, Gaetz falsely claimed that Democrats were attempting to use the coronavirus to suppress voters by trying to move primary voting dates (in order to avoid large crowds and continue social distancing).

Democratic strategist Chris Hahn reminded Gaetz of when he wore a gas mask on the House floor (picture below) to mock people for wearing medical masks during the early days of the coronavirus outbreak:

Buddy, you shouldn’t be talking about people dying, because people in your district saw you making fun of this and took this less seriously.

Gaetz defended his bizarre stunt on the House floor by saying: “We walk through the dirtiest airports.”

(Sources: Fox News via Twitter, Asha Rangappa/Twitter)

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