Rep. Marsha Blackburn Falsely Claims She ‘Stopped The Sale Of Baby Body Parts’

Republican Rep. Masha Blackburn of Tennessee announced that is she is running for the U.S. Senate seat of retiring Sen. Bob Corker.

In a video released by her campaign, Blackburn describes herself as “100% pro-life,” and slams the Senate for not repealing Obamacare, which would have ended health insurance coverage for 20-30 million Americans.

Blackburn also claims: “I fought Planned Parenthood and we stopped the sale of baby body parts, thank God,” notes The Tennessean.

In reality, Blackburn has not stopped the sale of any baby body parts by Planned Parenthood or anyone else. Planned Parenthood legally procures fetal tissue for medical research, which has been going on for decades.

In her video, Blackburn brags about carrying a gun, says that she supports President Donald Trump’s “immigration ban” on several predominantly Muslim countries and says she will “fight with him every step of the way to build that wall” (Trump promised in 2016 and in 2017 that Mexico would build it).

(Sources: The Tennessean, Marsha Blackburn For Senate/YouTube)

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