Rep. Jerry Nadler Is Pushing Pelosi For Trump Impeachment: Report

Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler of New York is reportedly urging House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to let him open an impeachment proceeding against President Donald Trump.

CNN congressional reporter Manu Raju broke the news:

Publicly, Jerry Nadler, the House Judiciary chairman, has been cautious, not going as far as calling for an impeachment inquiry, but privately, it’s a different story. Quietly, he has been lobbying for an impeachment probe, and made that case directly to Nancy Pelosi in multiple private meetings, including one earlier this week with a key chairman...

Nancy Pelosi is resisting opening impeachment probes. She says, reportedly, the president should go to prison instead of being impeached….

Nadler has been careful in advocating the view of the committee, but he doesn’t want to throw Pelosi under the bus … so Nadler is facing these dueling tensions.

(Source: CNN)

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