Rep. Buddy Carter: Withhold Money For Rape Kits In Sanctuary Cities

Republican Rep. Buddy Carter of Georgia said on August 8 that he wanted to withhold federal money for rape kits in so-called “sanctuary cities,” which are friendly to undocumented immigrants.

Carter explained how he would punish rape victims during a town hall, notes Jezebel.

A female voter asked him: “What can you do as a congressman to help Georgia process these rape kits?”

Georgia has over 10,000 untested rape kits backlogged, according to

Carter replied: “There are grants available, and we’ll do everything we can to help. Unless they’re a sanctuary city.”

A second woman, apparently stunned by Carter’s answer, asked:

Can I ask a quick follow up? Were you serious about the sanctuary city remark, or was that just a joke? Like, you wouldn’t provide grants to test rape kits if it was a sanctuary city?

Carter replied:

No, we do not, I voted for a bill that does not allow federal law enforcement grants to go to any sanctuary cities, I was very serious about that. If there is a federal law enforcement grant, I voted for a bill that says they will not get any federal law enforcement money from us, any grants.

After being asked if not funding rape kits served constituents, Carter replied:

Yes, it does. It does serve my constituents, because if you’re a sanctuary city, that means you are refusing to enforce our immigration laws here in the United States, and if you’re doing that, then I don’t want to be sending you any federal grants to go to your city.

The Washington Post notes that Carter expressed his opposition to transgender people being allowed to serve in the military at another town hall: “I don’t want ’em serving in the military.”

(Sources:, Jezebel, The Washington Post)

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