Remembering George H.W. Bush’s Inaction On AIDS, His Racist Willie Horton Campaign Ad, Pardons For Reagan Officials Involved In Iran-Contra Scandal

Former President George H.W. Bush died in Houston on Nov. 30 night at the age of 94 (more video below).

Most of the media has honored the former president by focusing on his years of service in the Navy during World War II and his call as president for a “kinder, gentler” America, but Bush’s record is just the opposite.

Democracy Now reports on Bush’s refusal to address and fund programs around HIV/AIDS education and prevention, as well as drug treatment.

Democracy Now also notes that Bush was responsible for the famous racist Willie Horton ad while running for president in 1988, pardoning six Reagan officials involved in the Iran-Contra scandal, an illegal invasion of Panama and possible war crimes during the Gulf War.

Steven Thrasher, doctoral candidate in American studies at New York University and author of “It’s a Disgrace to Celebrate George H.W. Bush on World AIDS Day” in The Nation, joined Democracy Now for a discussion on Bush’s legacy.

Mehdi Hasan. a columnist for The Intercept, recently wrote an article entitled, “The Ignored Legacy of George H.W. Bush: War Crimes, Racism, and Obstruction of Justice.” Hasan also joined Democracy now for discussion of Bush’s record.

(Sources: Democracy Now, Democracy Now, The Nation)

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