Refrigerated Truck Sits Outside Hospital to Hold Dead Bodies in New York City: ‘It’s Apocalyptic’

A refrigerated truck is parked outside the Elmhurst Hospital Center to hold the bodies of the dead in the Queens area of New York City (VIDEO BELOW).

The New York Times reports that some people have died inside the emergency room while waiting for a bed.

The overrun 545-bed public hospital has only a few dozen ventilators, and has had to transfer patients not suffering from coronavirus to other hospitals.

When a patient is on the verge of death, a loudspeaker shouts “Team 700” and medical personnel rush to try to save the patient. Over the past 24 hours, 13 patients have died, according to New York City’s public hospital system.

Dr. Ashley Bray, a general medicine resident at the hospital, said: “It’s apocalyptic.”

The Hill tweeted a video of people standing in a line outside the hospital where they are waiting for a coronavirus test.

(Sources: The New York Times, The Hill/Twitter)

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